Behind the Bars of Objectification

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Hello, how are you?

I do not intend to go on a ramble about this topic as it has already been done before, but alas, this edit was made with the intention of drawing light to society and how women are perceived within it.

I wanted to highlight how we, as females, are presented to the wider audience of not just our local community but also an international one. Objectification is not new to us. I have grown up in a world where we are displayed as weak, too emotional, as only items to look at, to touch and to attain. At the same time, there is advocacy to show that women are strong, and not mindless objects there for beauty’s sake. The contradictions made about women in society are immense, and there seems to be a merge of attitudes meaning that whilst we can be strong and independent, we are still exhibited through the media as objects, like a doll. We are behind the barriers of our society’s ideals and beliefs. I do not feel as though we are free from this cage of what a woman is supposed to be that has been predetermined as a result of our history, a history where we were not equal; at least not yet.

Today, I wanted to communicate that no matter what is shown on advertisements, or music videos, or on the front cover of magazines, or what you are told, we are all individuals and we are people. We are not objects.

So, little ramble finished. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

If you want to further discuss this, feel free to comment. As this is my website for art, I don’t intent to flood it with personal opinions in text, rather let the image speak for itself and the audience draw its own conclusions as a result.


Chloe X

Also, no copyright intended. The photo of the model is not mine, I found it online, as with the barcode. However, I did edit the two together to produce the images above to make a statement.


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